Why Should You Make a Will?

A Will gives you control over who your estate will pass to. If you don't have a Will, the Law under the Rules of Intestacy, will dictate who your estate passes to and this may not be what you would have wanted. 


You should especially think about making a Will if you:-

  • Have assets in your sole name
  • Are co-habiting but not married
  • Are separated but not divorced
  • Recently got married and made a Will prior to that marriage
  • Have children under the age of 18
  • Have children from a previous relationship


There are other reasons to make a Will and every Will is adapted to a person's individual circumstances. 

Father and his children
Women discussing issue

Why Use a Professional to Make Your Will?

A Will should be worded and signed in a certain way to make it valid. For example, did you know that a Will does not have any punctuation in it? That is because a comma or full stop in the wrong place could give a sentence a whole different meaning. It is therefore ALWAYS advisable to get a professional to prepare your Will. That way, you can rest assured it has been prepared correctly in accordance with the Law.

A professional can also give you advice along the way. A Will is not a "one size fits all" kind of document, it is based upon individual circumstances and everybody's circumstances are different. A legal professional can point out potential pitfalls or offer alternative suggestions on how to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Let Me Help You Make Your Will

As a Will is a very personal document and must be tailored carefully to each individual and their circumstances, I would meet with you first to discuss your wishes and advise you accordingly. I would then prepare a draft Will so that you can make sure it meets with your approval and once everything is in order we will arrange to have the Will signed in the presence of 2 independent witnesses.


Once you have signed your Will I can offer you a secure document storage facility with The National Will Archive who can store your Will and any other personal documents on your behalf.