Frequently Asked Questions

  • I need a quote. Whom do I contact?

    You can call or email me to obtain a quote. All services are carried out on a fixed fee basis and there are no additional charges for home visits.

  • What Can I do to Prepare for My Appointment?

    With regards to Wills or Lasting Powers of Attorney it is a good idea to speak with your partner/spouse about what your wishes are before I get there. It is also useful to have a list of names and addresses of those who will be named in your Will or Lasting Powers of Attorney. 

    I will require formal identification from all clients. Therefore if you could have one form of photographic identification and one form of proof of address available when I visit, I can take copies there and then.

    If you have a weekend or evening appointment, I would request that you do not consume any alcoholic beverages before or during my visit. Alcohol can affect your decision making abilities so I would advise against alcohol during any appointments we have.

  • How Far Will You Travel?

    I offer free home visits within a 10 mile radius of South Shields. If you require a home visit outside of this area there may be a mileage fee of 45p per additional mile but I would not charge for the home visit itself.

  • Are You Legally Qualified?

    Yes. I am a Qualified Paralegal and completed my Specialist Paralegal qualification in Wills, Probate and Administration in 2012. I only practice in this area of Law unlike a Solicitor who may practice in multiple areas of Law. 

  • Is a Will the Same as a Power of Attorney?

    No. Just because you may have a Will does not mean automatically mean you have a Power of Attorney or vice versa, they are completely separate documents. A Lasting Power of Attorney is valid while you are alive whereas a Will only comes into effect when you die.

  • What Happens to my Will Once I Have Signed it?

    You can choose to store the Will yourself but you must ensure you can keep it safe. Ideally it should be in a fireproof safe or cabinet and should be kept out of sight so that no one can damage or destroy it. 

    Alternatively, you can store your Will (or other original documents such as Title Deeds of Powers of Attorney) with the National Will Archive. There is a small annual fee to use this service but you can add any additional documents or paperwork at a later date at no extra cost. As part of this service, the National Will Archive add your details to the Certainty National Will database so that there is a record of you having a Will and where it is held. 

    Although I would always recommend storing your Will with the National Will Archive the decision is yours to make.